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Free Thinking is something to be Proud of! Question Authority!

Magic Passion Love & Being Curious!!


Magic Passion Love & The Green Fairy!

More and more as I continue to truly share my ideas & art about Magic Passion Love — I am discovering and attracting some amazing inspirational co-creators!! One such person is a Green Muse / Goddess Artist Carly Caryn!! It is my vision with The MPL Project to find other spiritual humans to collaborate with on creative projects — And Carly, is a pure source of love and peace who uses HER divine intuition to help ignite fiery magic passion love.

She’s just created a new website called “Green Muse Art” – where she explains and shares delightfully positive info about how you can feel good about BEING YOU 24/7!

What is the Green Muse!!???

The Green Muse is a crafty spirit that sparks inspiration in my fellow artists. A revolutionary, avant-garde, co-creator of transformation and liberation; a modern day Parisian, psychedelic “Green Fairy”, re-incarnated for the 2012 age of enlightenment. Committed to treating Mother Earth with the utmost respect and teaching the values of reduce, re-use, and recycle; leave no trace; and minimizing our carbon-footprint. Shares all the wisdom information that crosses my path through my spiritual, artistic, eco-conscious minded site: Green Muse Arts.

If you are in the NYC area – be sure to contact Carly if you are in need of a “ZIP ZAP” of positive energy!! As we all know — Magic Passion Love is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us …. sometimes — we just need a little RESET/REBOOT to get it flowing again. Its all about allowing feeling living your PERSONAL FLOW — because when we do this — WOW!!


Saturday, October 30, 2010 … trickydame traveled to Lexington, VA on the suggestion of a stranger who was a tourist visiting Tybee Island, GA during the summer of 2010. Intuition & Invitation is what is guiding the MPL-USA Art Tour.

Its’ been quite an adventure thus far!! For those of you who have never been to Lexington, VA and like mountains — I highly encourage you to travel here! Lexington is about 55 minutes east of the West Virginia border and is about 50 miles north of Roanoke, Virginia. It was first settled in 1777. I made the decision to go there after Philadelphia on my way south because I met a woman this summer who was visiting Tybee Island. She suggested I go – so I did! This tour is being guided by Intuition and Invitation! (email me if you want to invite me to visit your town!)

Since I didn’t know anyone there and didn’t keep the name of the woman, I had to figure out a reason to go there. I looked up on the internet to see what was in that town. Lots of ARTISTS! I found Artists in Cahoots , an amazing collective of very creative people. I visited the store and it’s so beautiful, right on the corner of Main St & Washington St – downtown Lexington. Which is one of the cutest little towns I’ve seen — and there is a nice Visitor’s Center. I decided to stay in a campground and sleep in my mini-van. That was an interesting night and another blog post or …maybe I’ll keep it for the BOOK!!

This blog post is about the women I met at Washington & Lee University!

The Ladies’ Club is a group of multicultural women who get together at least twice a month to participate in a wide variety of activities that emphasize “social learning”. From group discussions to study breaks, bowling night to spa night, and cooking for a party to line dancing, the Ladies’ Club is a chance for the women of the multicultural community to come together and, quite simply, have a good time!

With some online research, I discovered Washington & Lee University in Lexington, so I emailed the women who were part of a womens group. I figured they would be FCW … and they were!! Within an hour after emailing the social chair, I got a response! This was an really exciting moment for me because complete stranger understands the importance of sharing Magic Passion Love. I asked them why they responded and invited me to have a Manifesting Party on a Saturday afternoon in October. All of them said, because they are interested in understanding how to use the laws of attraction to manifest positive things in their life. The women ranged in ages from sophomores to seniors. We shared a lot of amazing energy and creative conversation. I’m realizing as I go along — its not just me that’s doing the ‘sharing’ — I’m receiving some pretty awesome energy that I’m so grateful for! Its all about the sharing — what are you sharing today!?

Washington & Lee University shares AMAZING values … it has an honor system that all of the students abide by. If you violate the codes of ethics – you’re out. That’s pretty cool — and it was awesome to see bikes unlocked! That’s how it should be …respect is an easy thing to offer and receive. If you ask me … and you are reading this blog post 🙂

Here are some photos of the campus as well as a few of the Manifesting Circles made by the “Ladies Club” — who are now members of the FCW Society!!

1st Mass Manifesting Mobile on the MPL-USA Art Tour!

As part of Joanne Morton’s interactive art project “MPL-USA Art Tour”, the people of Tybee Island created the 1st Mass Manifesting Mobile. The mobile pieces were created at the “Gratitude Show” art exhibit held at the Tybee Arts Association ( on Thursday, September 9.

Joanne chose September 11 as the date to install the Mass Manifesting Mobile in a public space to help encourage peace, love and tolerance on this historic day. The Tybee Island Social Club was a perfect venue for the bright pink & yellow circles that flowed in the wind.

The Mass Manifesting Mobile is an opportunity for people to publicly and proudly share the sometimes hidden and protected desires of our hearts and souls. The Mass Manifesting Mobile is made up of a collection of shapes that people hang together after writing their positive affirmations/intentions on them. The ultimate purpose of the Mass Manifesting Mobile is to give everyone more freedom to allow their magic, feel their passion, and live their love!

Joanne continues the MPL-USA Art Tour in October, traveling to NE Ohio, NYC, Philadelphia to make her way south again to arrive in Sarasota/Tampa area by early November. Along the way she will be stopping off and creating more Mass Manifesting Mobiles! At the end of the Tour, Joanne plans to install the interactive collaborative public artwork made up from all of the places she’s visited. This Mass Manifesting Mobile shares the positive energy created by humans across the USA!! and this is a good thing!

Thank you to everyone who helped install it at the Tybee Island Social Club, especially Jack & Pam!! Visit the Tybee Island Social Club – great food & great energy! Magic Passion Love kind!!

If you are inspired by the MPL-USA Art Tour and would like to contribute, please visit

MPL & The Institute of Subjective Well-Being

The Institute of Subjective Well-Being (ISWB) is a non-sectarian, non-political institute devoted to sharing both established and pioneering research in the field of subjective well-being, more commonly known as happiness. Subjective well-being is a suitable way to refer to happiness: subjective, because it is in the eyes’ of the beholder; well-being, because it is always in progress and not a place to reach and hold for good. It also reminds us the importance of keeping the scientific method in this field; the last decades saw substantial advancements in the research related to how brain functions, and how emotions and other activities are handled.

Membership is free and open to researchers, meditators, philosophers and the public at large. We publish pamphlets and white-papers, freely available on our site; we also edit a newsletter for media experts who want to receive updates about developments in the field of subjective well-being.

Considering scientific research has already proven happiness is a matter of many factors, including personal choices, environmental influences and genetics, we work to keep the discussion open. An analogical approach to happiness (where different factors influencing happiness are weighted according to the context) has proven more effective than a digital approach (where the discussion is focused on finding one exclusive, or leading, cause for all); even of course the yes/no approach seems always the most efficient, the additional knowledge we are gaining and the exponential growth in computing power when it comes to scenarios-building, will make possible to opt for a more effective approach, with efficiency taken care by progress. Discussing about different degrees of appropriateness, instead of zero-sum right or wrong positions, brings more positive results, at the advantage of all parties involved in the discussion.


MPL & 8 Ways to Prosperity

As I always say — ITS SO IMPORTANT TO SHARE INFORMATION to help others find ways to FEEL GOOD!!!!

money — Money is a very essential energy source for most humans living in our society today however, we also know that it’s NOT OUR LIFE ENERGY SOURCE!! Our Life Energy Source is “MAGIC PASSION LOVE!!” … but we are living in a society where we do need to create financial abundance in order to feel good … and the amount of Financial Abundance we create is different for everyone. Right now, some of us are living in challenging times because of all of the “changes that are occurring in how we make money” — we can agree that some old ways of creating money are not sustainable options for many of us and we need to be thinking of new ways to create money. Money is energy — that’s why its called CURRENCY, right?! How can you ( how can I!) work together to create financial abundance for everyone!? There is enough to go around …

and this is why I decided to post some Great Tips on how to create prosperity in YOUR LIFE … from a Mover & Shaker, Helen Kim!

1. Forgive yourself and others for any financial trespasses
If you are gripped by the past or still upset by financial indiscretions, you are not allowing yourself to move forward. A great deal of this is about boundaries. Have you consciously decided what kinds of financial behaviors you are wiling to accept from yourself and others? How far you are willing to go for someone and how far you are willing to let someone go for you, financially-speaking? The harder it is to create a boundary, the more important it is to create it.

{ PERSONAL NOTE — this is my number one project for myself! I am not an over spender – a bit of an under earner and definitely need a little work on managing business expenses because of my fear of being able to handle more money. I also have student loan/tax debt that I am in the process of paying back however, its going slow and I have to continue to not get down on myself that I even have it. I am being responsible and my intention is to pay it back. Forgiving myself for having this debt is my number one priority & I’m grateful for Helen for making it her FIRST way to Prosperity!!)

2. Take Extreme Physical Care of yourself. If you’re not well cared for, your ability to prosper suffers. Are you getting enough exercise, sleep and healthy foods into your week?

How about making a conscious effort to eat foods that are not only yummy but best of all have what I consider to be, “medicinal effects”? No matter where I am, I can always manage to sneak in 10-30 min of some simple aerobic and core strengthening exercises that elevate my heart and lenghthen my body.

Do you know the brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor – the one who wrote “A Stroke of Insight” and not only lived to share the process of her stroke and her recovery with us, but to tell us that “living in the right brain” or “Nirvana” as she puts it, is only moments away for all of us? She credits sleep as one of the most important reasons her body was able to recover from her stroke. I know that when I don’t feel my best, it impacts by moods and energy levels which impacts my ability to maintain the standard I need to sustain wealthy thoughts and actions.We’ve got to respect the wisdom of our body; it never lies.

3. Understand that Money has no power (only the power that you give it)

The source of your supply comes from within. You are your re-Source. Until this very basic principle is learned and accepted life will give you plenty of opportunities to master this. The greater your sense of consciousness the bigger the receptacle into which money will flow towards and from you.

4. Research your future
Put real numbers to everything you want in your life, even if the money hasn’t shown up yet. Get your “dream life” out of your thinking mind. Stir your pots. For example, if you dream about buying real estate find out just what your dream house costs. Consult with real estate agencies; find out what kind of mortgage you would get, how much down payment you need, what it would cost to run it….
The more specific and directed you are towards growing and maintaining your wealth, the faster you will receive it. By doing this, you show yourself that you are serious. Money loves clarity.

5. Keep a Spending Diary in order to understand your Triggers.
(I know, I know. You’ve heard me say this a lot – but have you tried it : )? A few days after you track everything you buy, go through the list of items bought and ask:

1. Does this have the same value today that I thought it would when I purchased it?
2. What mood was I in when I bought this? 3. Have I used this yet?

This exercise has helped a lot of my clients learn about some of their financial triggers and helps you learn to be proactive, not reactive.

6. Track your Time, Energy and Money
Many sabotaging behaviors that prevent us from prospering come from unawareness of how we spend our Time + Energy (see last newsletter article here). Try tracking all your activities from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow. Then ask yourself these questions about every activity; 1. How much time did this take? 2. How much energy did it require of me and what was the quality of energy I received in the doing of it? 3. How much did it cost or did I make? 4. On a scale from 1-5, was it worth the Time, Energy and Money spent and/or made? I have said time and time again (no pun intended) that fogginess of how we use our time and energy is a huge culprit re: thriving your wealthy self. I’ve noticed how successful entrepreneurs whom I admire respect Time; they show up on time, they deliver on time, they stick to the agreed to amount of time. This is so huge I’ve invited Organizing Guru Julie Morgenstern to join me on “Conscious W ealth” ( as we talk about decluttering our lives in order to have enough time to create wealth (and remember it’s a call in show, so we would love to answer your questions!). Money allows us to do what we want with our time and energy.

7. Understand that everything, every situation, is temporary.
Whether you have more than or less than enough money to cover your needs and desires right now, your financial situation is temporary. Money, like your breath, needs to flow in AND out.

8. Keep in touch with your money.

Show up for your money. Stealing a line from Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire, “Help it help you”. Visit with it consistently. Financial Expert Galia Gaichon recommends we set aside 15 minutes/week – that’s all! I have incorporated that into my lifestyle now and find it ends up saving me time in addition to staying close to my financial pulse.

HELEN KIM is the founder of, a company dedicated to helping people gain clarity around their relationship with money so they make conscious financial decisions that stimulate their personal economy. Her programs have helped her students and clients earn their full potential and live more conscious lives. This Fall she launches her radio show, CONSCIOUS WEALTH on Hay House Radio. She is a frequent media guest and has appeared on radio and on local ABC, CBS and Fox networks. Helen is Certified Financial Counselor and a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music.

why art will rule the world! | Just one week before Art Basel Miami Beach, VernissageTV had the chance to have a look at the new exhibition space of the Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz Collection, located in the Design District in Miami. The new museum will open on Wednesday this week, and when we visited the space, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, their staff, and several of the artists were busy with installing the works and the final preparations for the opening.

One of the artists we met was Jonathan Meese, who was installing his work “Ich mach’ mein Ding Love like Blood” in a distinct room, together with his gallerist Bruno Brunnet of Contemporary Fine Arts and his team. In this video, Jonathan Meese talks about his installation at the Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz Collection and why art will rule the world.